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Go Shot NeuroEnergy Grape Flavour - 12 Pack

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Go Shot - NeuroEnergy® 

A mixture of specially selected ingredients packed into a delicious liquid shot bottle that promotes mental cognitive performance that last for up to 6 hours. Allowing you to reach peak performance at work or in School.

OU Kosher Certified
Product of USA
Sold in Singapore

Ideal for:
- People who wants to be calm and relax yet focus.
- People who wants to combat food coma and fatigue.
- People who are looking to relief stress, anixety or nervousness.
- Students who are studying for examinations
- Working adults that are looking to achieve peak performance.

What this Product does?
- Promotes Mental Cognitive Function
- Promotes Mental Clarity & Mental Focus
- Promotes Calmness, Relaxation while maintaining focus
- Rich In Vitamins and Minerals
- Proprietary Blend helps with Mental concentration and Alertness (combats Fatigue)
- Helps promote blood flow to the brain
- Zero sugar and low calories
- Great Tasting Grape Flavour
- Lasts up to 6 hours
- Quick & Fast Acting formula

The finest ingredient selected from all around the world to create a perfect natural and organic blend of Nootropics which are vital for the brain’s mental performance, rich in vitamins and minerals which keeps you feeling bright, alert and energised.

Made by Scientists, Bio-hackers, Dietitians and Leading Food Technologists. - Modern Science (Bio-hacking)

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Vitamins and Minerals to replenish and recharge your energy.


Ingredients that are naturally found in everyday food.


Flavoured packed shot comes in variety of fruity flavors.

Go Shot Benefits

Zero Sugar


Scientifically backed ingredients that contributes to cognitive mental functions.


Effective within minutes, Lasting for hours


Protecting against immune system deficiencies.

Mental Performance Timeline

These are the notable differences that you may experience at different stage:
(Effectiveness are more obvious during mentally challenging periods.)

Body temperature increases after 15 minutes ( Point A )
Increase blood flow to the brain, look slightly redder than normal
Increase alertness, reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Peak performance after 45 minutes ( Point P )
More communicative, calmer, clearer thought process, better reaction time and focus.


Who needs Nootropics shot?



Start climbing up the leaderboards for your favourite games with Go shot, the only shot you need for competitive gaming.


Working Professionals

Rise to the top with a boost in mental focus and clarity. Start being that Ultimate Closer and Game Changer.



Scientifically backed Ingredients for learning and memorisation. To help you start maximizing your academic performance.

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