We all spent so much time cramming books and burying ourselves neck-deep in notes in order to graduate, get off the damn desk, and into the big wide world just to land back onto a different desk with different kind of notes called paperwork but the same kind of stress…

By the time you stumbled upon this article, chances are you have already made countless trips to the washroom and made yourself too much coffee and still you haven’t progressed in your day’s work. Luckily for you, we know of some effective workplace hacks that can transform your mindset and overall work habits to turn you into a productivity machine! Here are our TOP 5 awesome workplace hacks:

Destroy That Clutter
Main objective here is to create as little distraction as possible and what better way to do that then to reorganise your workstation! Cleaning up the station and sorting your files can significantly increase your productivity, not to mention impressing your boss with your household cleaning skills. Spend some time tidying up your desk, removing unwanted items and categorising finished projects if you feel that you have hit a productivity wall, you may find that tidying up can be somewhat therapeutic.

Get Rid Of That Phone
Next big elephant in the room, your phone. It goes without saying that the phone can be one of the most distracting if not the most distracting item on your desk and somehow whenever there is work to be done, the chances of a message or notification popping up increases ten-fold.

I’m not saying turn off your phones, but set it to silent mode and keep it in your drawer or bag. That way you wont be turning your head to the next beep you hear whenever someone texted you. Another alternative is to pass your phone to a colleague and only get it back during lunch or tea time, it is not your colleague’s phone so he/she wont be interested in using it.

Smell Bad? Get Some Fresh Flowers
Most people would spray some perfume or air refreshers to get rid of the smell whenever your colleague has finished eating their take-always. Instead, I suggest you get some freshly cut flowers to place in your office or a humidifier with scented aroma oils to stimulate your senses. Studies show that aroma therapy can prove to be quite effective in lowering anxiety and stress, so go create your own little “zen” space right in the office!

Go Bananas, Not Chips and Chocolate bars
After-lunch lethargy is possibly the biggest enemy for any professional (me included) so this tip is more towards countering the side effects of eating too heavily during lunch. Instead of stockpiling your snack bar with unhealthy things like chocolates and sweets, get some foods that are healthy and high in vitamins instead. Apples are proven to keep people awake for as Long as coffee does, and bananas helps give a boost of energy for a short period of time. Or if you are feeling lazy, just grab some energy supplements from your nearest convenience store.

TGIF, Now Time To Get Ready For Monday
Most people would rush their work on Fridays just to leave the office early. But spend the last few moments before leaving work to sort out and prepare for the coming Monday instead. It might not seem much but coming back to office and knowing immediately what you need to do will certainly make returning back to work from a nice weekend much easier.

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