I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “study smart, not study hard” many times before, and you are probably guilty of spending Long hours buried in textbooks to cram as much info you can the night before the exam.

But studying doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, there are many simple methods that can shorten your study time but yet increase its efficiency.

While these methods have been proven to be quite effective for some, nothing works without some good ol’ fashioned hard work. So with a little bit of trial and error and a lot of determination, these study hacks will make your study life simpler by increasing productivity and boosting focus.

Write your own notes
Let’s start with the basic, creating your own notes. You don’t necessarily have to hand write your notes, you may choose to type it and print it out so Long as YOU are the one doing the notes. Customise them and reorder them to your own preference, add some stickers or organise them neatly. Whatever that floats your boat, or your grades.

Mnemonic aids
No, this is not a helping aid for the handicapped. You might have heard of the term BODMAS, or Bracket Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. Basically, the order of action to undertake in a Long mathematical sequence. This is one good example of mnemonic aids, you create your own story or acronym that helps you remember longer formulas or theories.

Movement helps circulate and promote better blood flow within the body, and that includes the brain. It is obvious that the more oxygen and nutrients the brain receives, the better condition it is in to work at peak capacity. However, do not undertake intensive or strenuous exercises that will leave you exhausted, a simple walk in the park will do and some students even read their textbooks while pacing.

We all need energy, and so does your brain. Be sure to replenish your energy by having a consistent eating habit. Also eating healthy greatly helps cognitive abilities – consuming superfoods such as walnuts and salmon or generally foods with high enough content in vitamin B allows your body to break down and absorb all the nutrients needed for mental work. If superfoods are too much of a hassle to prepare, then a more convenient alternative can be found in mental energy boosters such as nootropics.

True enough, studies have shown that sleep is one of the core factors of improving ones memory. During sleep, your brain goes on to recollect all the events that happened recently and begins to record and store them. That is why most successful students have a healthy work-life balance which gives them ample time to rest and sleep.

If you really want to take your studying to the next level, then truly consider teaching. Teaching allows you to experience the subject from a totally different perspective. Questions posed by the student might grant you better insights of what the examination questions might be like. Think of it as role playing for your studies.

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