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We would like to share with you the Top 5 Moments we believe is the most memorable moment since Dota TI6 History, where you get to see the top most intensive and jaw dropping moments that are done on the big screen.

That right! As millions fans all around the world tune in for this moment to cheer and support their team to win the championship for Dota 2 TI. The gaming community all look forward to this very moment every year to see who comes out at the top again. Names such as DK, EG, Navi and much much more are in a constant fight to prove themselves worthy of the Dota 2 Championship title. With the million dollar prize pool and a Aegis Trophy to take home is no surprise that Dota 2 is one of the highest pay out in total winning earnings for each team and player.

Each and every year the competition get stiffer but it comes with its great rewards as the prize pool climbs by the millions. Gaming competition is not all about just having fun and games as this players practise night and day to perfect their gaming combo. The prize pool is growing year on year showing the tremendous support from the gaming community for Dota 2.

When it comes to competitive gaming, timing is everything! Where every second counts!
It determines if they get a chance of making a million dollars or losing everything. Behind there are much tears and joy as this young gamers trained hard for both their fans and their gaming community. The intensity is real and you could see how desperate the gamers are because if they fail they walk away with nothing. So is not just all about fame and glory there is also tons of stress involved.

We, Go shot, have scan through countless of Dota 2 TI videos and compiled them together to bring our Dota 2 Fan our best Dota 2 memorable. These are the moments when everything is executed according to plan the crowd and fans at home goes crazy.
As you can see from watch the YouTube video below:

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So if you are considering joining this line of work a.k.a competitive gaming. It might actually not be as ideal as it seems. The fame and glory maybe something amazing to experience but remember there is no easy way to climb to the top as well. But we will leave it to next time on our next Dota 2 blogpost. Where we discuss about Gaming as a full time job.

Till then Stay tune for more awesome Dota 2 video by Go shot, Now you can dream bigger.

Do you remember any of the moments from the video?
I am sure you have your own memorable moments as well. Do comment and let us know what other videos you would like to see next.

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