Jasmine asked the Bell Curve God for better grades. Instead the Bell Curve God Answered...

It is just another typical day in school, then you realised.
“Oh f**k tomorrow got exams!”
Then you turn to your friend and say “How ah?”
And your friend will reply “Die liao lor”
And that is the Life of a typical Singaporean Student.

So let me share with you about my friend Jasmine. She is 28 this year but she looks like 21. Always super happy and cheerful and had tons of followers on Instagram. Lots of guys wants to date her…How do I know? Because I am in her clique.

Jasmine is proud to be in NTU; after all it just came in Top 11th universities worldwide.
She loves to wear her NTU shirt and has proudly worn it for the past 8 years
and this year she is determined to be graduated.

She is the kind that can do well for a lot of things especially when it comes to social media, no. of shots needed in her Starbucks coffee and her daily OOTD for Instagram.
Every week before exams, she will gather everyone and says
“eh next week exams liao lets go Starbucks study”
Everyone will be ON!
Then when we are all there, she will be watching Kdrama and screaming Oppa~!

So a day left before exams..
Suddenly I received a text message from Jasmine:

At this point of time I had no idea, so I just gave a silly reply to get her off my back because I am taking the same exam and I needed to focus.

Next day after the exam she thanked and hugged me saying the Bell Curve God replied and she wished she knew of him earlier.

I didn’t think much about it, like seriously Bell Curve God? LOL
Until she posted her grades in the group chat.
OMG! She totally Killed it. This girl overnight became a genius?

And of course she graduated and I still couldn’t figure out what the F**k happened.

So then came my next exams, I just thought maybe if I should try what she did.
I was laughing to myself thinking that I am turning crazy cause it is just so unbelievable.
But It doesn’t hurt to try isn’t it?

To be continued….(Stay Tuned for the next post on Friday)

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