How To Start Your Morning Well

How To Start Your Morning WellHint : The methods that resonate most with you will determine which smart category you belong to


1. Have Eggs And Something Light For Breakfast - Eggs are high in Vitamin B12 and Folate. They promote new brain cell formation responsible for storing long term memory and prevent mental fog.

2. Plan Your Day The Night Before Increases Productivity - This will prime your subconscious while you sleep. "Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious" - Thomas Edison

3. Spend 10 Minutes On Meditation - This will set your day’s trajectory on the things that really matter. Visualize what success looks like to you and start taking actionable steps to reach your goal.

4. Make Sure Your Creation Time Is Uninterrupted - Your one hour must be uninterrupted otherwise instead of doing one thing really well, you end up doing a bunch of things somewhat mediocre. So turn off all notifications. Say no to everything other than your essential priorities.

5. Don’t Start Your Day On The Internet - It literally trains your brain to be distracted. Allocate the earliest part of your morning for a hour of uninterrupted creation time because will power is the strongest in the morning.

6. The Power Of Cold Water - During shower, breathe in deep and focus for 15 seconds. This cold shower is going to leave you feeling sharp and alert

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