How To Get Gold For 2.4KM With Special Force Method

Re-enact of SQ117 Men Behind The Mask - written and directed by Rudy Chen

 Special Force Training Routine

4 days of 10km recovery (<55 min)

2 day of power run (speed training)

3 Different Types Of Power Run

Short – 10x400m

1st-5th lap = 2min45sec per set (run + rest) (run: 1min20sec, rest: 1min 25sec)

6th-10th lap = 2min30sec per set (Run + rest)

Medium3x 1.5km @ 5min per set Rest time 4min

Long 8x1km @3min40sec per km Rest time 45second

To get ippt gold, keep fit or maintain your timing, run at least 4 days a week including one speed training on Tuesday or Thursday. You don’t have to follow the special force routine unless you want to break your personal best.

For Beginner

Run 5 km a day to build your foundation and stamina before your first power run.

Reason: I would recommend starting your first speed training on the second week if you have not exercised for the last few weeks as your stamina pool is empty and your body is not conditioned to the intensity of speed training.  

For power run, start with 6x400m@ 1min35sec/lap. Try to remain consistent and break 1min35sec during your last lap. If 6 laps are too tiring for you, start with 4 laps and eventually increase to 8- 10 laps. Without speed training, you will never be able to break 10 or 9 min for your ippt.

My timing per lap is 1min 14 sec – 1min 17 sec (rest: 1min 30sec). However, when I hit the 5th lap, my rest time will reduce from 1min30 sec to 1min 15sec and finally to a rest time of 1min

Reason for reducing rest time – because it’s challenging, fun and your body can recovery faster during your 2.4km.

   Benefit of speed training  

  1. You burn a lot of fat and that’s how I get rid of my love handles.
  2. You start to sweat by the slightest movement. - Your metabolism rate has increased and its burning fat when you are walking.
  3. Your girlfriend will crave for you to book out.

Muscles Group to support 2.4km

  1. I wasn’t a fan of leg exercise. I have not done any squad, lunges and leg related exercise when I hit 8min for my 2.4km. I do however recommend you to include leg exercise. Who knows maybe you could break 8min if you include leg training.
  2. Engage core related exercise as its going to help you run straight during your 2.4 to facilitate breathing. – imagine drinking water with a straw bended in the middle. That’s what happened when your core is not strong.
  3. Below is a video of JJ with his Core, Leg, Arm training. JJ is my childhood friend and we used to train together when we were 17. Now, I always go to JJ to learn his workout technique and seek him for physical treatment.



SOF Warm up that must be done before your 2.4km

  1. Kicking your leg – it brings the blood down to your leg to prepare you for your striding.
  2. Slow jog 100m and stride 100m  – it brings your heart rate to the optimal level. What happen if you skip this? – you start the first 500m of 2.4km with a cold and stiff body and find it hard to open up. By the time your body is ready, you have already lost 10-15 second. This is the reason why I do this warm up to bring my heart rate to the optimal level.


Advice If You Haven’t Exercised For Months

  1. The first week will be painful for you, both physically and mentally. – whole body will ache, you will feel your bones cracking, joints giving way during the run, you can’t walk down the stair properly, can’t squat, can’t turn your body when you’re sleeping. You become very moody and a small little thing can make you explode
  2. During the first 2 weeks and you start hearing millions of reasons in your head to quit – just keep running, your body will get used to the aching and pain. Once you overcome the first week, your body will get used to the training. The first week is the key to your Ippt Gold.
  3. Always do your warm up and cool down seriously. I recommend spending at least 5 min each for your warm up and cool down. I didn’t pay much attention to this during army and now I’m feeling the pain. Even though JJ gave me a lot of physical treatment to relief the tension, it’s a very painful process and can be avoided by a 10min warm up and cool down daily. – Basically just stretch when you have nothing to do. Etc – waiting in lift or in the mrt.
  4. Eat one banana daily
  5. The first two week of your run will make you very tired. That’s normal because your body is not used to the transition and once your body get used to it, you will feel more energised and lively. – it took my body 3 weeks to get used to the transition
  6. Don’t miss the golden hour - Feed your body with nutrient within an hour window after your exercise.
  7. Track your timing and see how much you have improved over the past few weeks

Advice during ippt

  1. Remember to do the warm up, they help bring heart rate to the optimal level and start your engine and deter stiffness and coldness.
  2. Make sure the timing for the first 5 laps are consistent. Please never ever chiong the first lap. If the first lap is too fast,you need to slow down to match the timing you set for each lap. The timing for each lap is already imprinted in my brain so I know whether to reduce or increase speed. For example, first round I clocked 1min25, second round I will make sure I hit 2min 50 sec. Consistency is the key to Ippt Gold
  3. Encourage runners when you pass them (even when you are super shag). Who knows, maybe your encouragement will help them outrun themselves. You need all sort of encouragement when you are dying. Their reciprocity means a lot to you.
  4. Feel your leg. It took me 5 weeks to feel my leg. What I mean is, usually when you run, your leg is in auto pilot, you can’t feel, you can’t control your leg. With adequate speed work and recovery run, you will be able to feel your leg. This is very important because it’s a sign that you are ready to break your personal best. You will understand what I mean when you start to feel your leg vs when it’s in auto pilot mode.
  5. I breathed in and out from my mouth as I can take in more oxygen fast and deep. I tried to breathe in from nose and I still prefer mouth in mouth out. Downside is your mouth will be very dry. I find a dry mouth bearable if it’s going to help me reduce my timing. Anyway, it’s just 8min of dryness.
  6. Remember, its about your engine, your stamina not the branded shoe, cap, shade or attire that is going to break your personal best. Back then throughout my training, I was wearing the cheap SAF shoe and during my competition and ippt, I bought a trainer shoe that is heavy like hell and still manage to hit 8min. So, it’s about yourself, not the attire.


Being Part of GOshot

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When Do I Drink GOshot

I drink a bottle when I had interrupted sleep the night before or after my speed training in the morning to stay focus during work – zero sugar with no sugar rush. So, my body return to its original state after 6 hours.

When I must be on the road for a long time or when it’s raining and traffic is slow – so I won’t miss any exit or fall asleep.

When we meet new investors – to keep clam and propel deep thinking.

When I’m going for buffet – to combat food coma and remain productivity after a heavy meal.

When its CNY – to stay awake and focus for 3days 3 night of poker and also heighten my resistance to alcohol

When we are studying a new strategy - to stay focused, motivated and energized for countless hours so we are not distracted by social media or other source of entertainment.

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Feel free to message me on Instagram @Listerlgs if you have any question or need more clarification on the training program. 2018 will be a brand-new year and a great year if you start investing in your physical and mental self. – no one can help you but yourself.


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