How Studying In A Group Made Me Fail My Exams

The Friendly Hypocrite -  We have one guy in our group who always initiate to teach us how to draw economic graphs. 

We find it weird especially when we finished the graph, he would erase everything and redraw on the same piece of paper. He told us he's trying to make sure he don't forget and would cover the graph whenever we look at it.  

He always complains about cunning students tearing important pages from library books and thrashing student notes to cut competition and re-assure us that he will take care of us if the market is bad (Apparently his family own some ship building business).

Finally, after we received our papers, we failed miserably and this "Rich" guy said  he will try harder next semester and walked away with a disappointed face. We thought it was strange and took his paper while he was in the toilet. 

We were shocked. He scored A for that paper. 


15 Minutes Study, 45 Minutes Crap Talk - I joined this girl group during my first year because they were pretty and wherever we go, guys would look at us, giving us a lot of attention which made me feel good - I wasn't born pretty and slightly overweight.

Whenever we start our group revision, we ended up doing everything but studying. On Instagram stalking guys, criticizing other influencers that are better looking than them, watching k-drama and shopping online. When i told them to study, they would shut me off and argued that exams are still months away. I was stupid enough to stick with this group for one semester and of course we all failed.

This was obviously a wakeup call for me but for them, it’s not even the beginning as they have 7 more semesters (or what they call - 7 more chances). 


You Are Only As Strong As The Weakest Link In The Group - Unfortunately, all the top programmers are very difficult to communicate and they always stick around their own nerd group (usually the smart and slightly weirdo) For coding, it’s either you are very good or you suck at it, there’s no in the middle. As a loner, I joined a group of leftovers for FYP and after struggling, we all failed our first semester.

We know we cannot afford to fail the next semester or we can't graduate, we hired an IT Expert to code our project for our second FYP. During the presentation, we spent 30 minutes explaining our slide on what is teamwork, why is team work important, what we learn from team work and doing our best to avoid explaining our codes. We manage to pass our final year but my greedy team mates were disappointed that we didn't score A because we each spend $100 for the codes.


When Too Much Focus Became A Problem - While we were queuing for our welfare pack, we saw this drink booth called Go Shot. They claim their drink would keep you awake for 6 hours, combat food coma and so on. I took it with a pinch of salt and tried their sample. The effect was decent and I bought a few bottles online for my revision.

Go Shot claim the effect to be so powerful that if you took a break from studies to play Mobile Legend , you would be so focused that you won’t be able to stop. So, I brought a few smart drinks for my study buddies to make them "Smart" before the exams tomorrow and we laughed when I shared: "you won’t be able to stop”.

We ended up burning the midnight night oil playing Mobile Legend instead of studying. To make thing worse, we took the drink in the evening and our mind were still active in the wee hours. We were so into our game that we neglected time and forgot that we were supposed to memorize the answers. The following day, we failed our MCQ test as our last-minute study ended up in Mobile Legend. Lucky it's just a MCQ test and lucky it made me smart, at least in Mobile Legend.


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