Hack Your Way To 10 Long Weekends in 2018

Trying to plan your leaves and long weekends for 2018? We suggest you start early with the help of our calendar and potential long weekend hack.

While we only have 4 long weekends for 2018, we have come up with a plan to help you get 10 long weekends instead so that you can have a fabulous 2018 and start the year right!

  1. New Year’s Day (Monday, 1st January)
    As 1st January falls on Monday this year, you already had a long weekend over there, didn’t realised it till it’s over ya?
  2. Chinese New Year (Friday & Saturday, 16th & 17th February)
    With Chinese New Year on Friday, we suggest that you should take your Thursday 15th February 2018 off so that you could help your family with some last-minute CNY shopping and decors, and you can enjoy your ang pao collection thereafter. Sorry to married couples. Don’t AWOL okay?
  3. Good Friday (Friday, 30th March)
    Already a long weekend on as it falls on Friday. Check out our bonus tip for a little surprise.
  4. Labour Day (Tuesday, 1st May)
    What? It’s May already? Give yourself a pat on your back as you are almost halfway through 2018, take your leave on Monday, 30th April to enjoy a 4 days long break!
  5. Vesak Day (Tuesday, 29th May)
    Take your Monday, 28th May off to enjoy another long weekend this month.
  6. Hari Raya Puasa (Friday, 15th June)
    Our fellow Muslim friends should consider taking Thursday, 14th June off as you deserve a long break after completing your fasting month. Time to help your ibu/nenek for the delicious rendang!
  7. National Day (Thursday, 9th August)
    Get ready to book your national day tickets early to avoid disappointment and take your Friday, 10th August off for your long weekend and chiong for some Great Singapore Sale while it lasts!
  8. Hari Raya Haji (Wednesday, 22nd August)
    Tricky as it seems, as the Hari Raya Haji falls on Wednesday, you may consider taking Thursday and Friday off for the perfect 5 days break!
  9. Deepavali (Tuesday, 6th November)
    Rejoice our Hindu friends, the festival of lights falls on Tuesday, go ahead and take a break on Monday and spend more time with friends and families.
  10. Christmas (Tuesday, 25th December)
    It’s the season of giving and nearing the end of 2018, perhaps it’s a good time to utilise all your unused leaves for the rest of the year!

With that, you have utilised 9 leaves, and you should have 5 days left assuming you have 14 annual leaves all in all.

Bonus Tip: While certain months do not have holidays and can be very dry, take this chance to book your holiday trip to your long-awaited destination. From now till 31st May 2018, Scoot is having a promotion and you can even travel to Bangkok from just SGD52!

While some months can be dreadful with over time and burnt weekends, supplement yourself with Go Shot to help you relief stress, combat food coma, and relieve your jet lag so your boss don’t get jealous that you go Europe trip without him knowing.

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