From F9 to A1 by Eating

Imagine, just a couple of days before an exam and the next thing you know, you ACED it!
A dream for many students might now become a reality.
This works for any subject, module or paper.
Unbelievable? You better believe it.

But before we share with you the secret we need to first understand how the human brain works.
Firstly, what we think, feel, and react are all due to chemical reactions within our brain, this includes how fast we memorize and pick up lessons. Chemicals within our brain are released periodically based on what we see, the situation we are in, and our body clock. This is how we are able to do certain things better at certain timings.

Perhaps you may have already noticed that you are able study or work better at night or you may be unable to think as clearly during mid-day?

So how do you alter the chemical reaction within your brain? One way is to eat healthy or another way is to bio-hack; to consume certain nootropic supplements to enhance your mental performance.

Nootropics are currently on the rise since 2014 and increasingly more students are resorting to supplements to help them improve their cognitive functions such as their focus for studying. Even Harvard and Stamford students are popping pills by the dozens before sitting for their papers and students who don’t do the same might lose out big time!

Investors are also taking notice, betting serious money that the masses will begin gobbling up nootropics by 2018. According to Research and Markets, brain health was a $2.3 billion dollar business in 2015, and is projected to be worth $11.6 billion by 2024.

What aspect of mental performance do you need to help study better?
Focus, Clarity and Memory. These 3 are the most important aspects for a successful and productive study period which helps you reduce your time spent significantly from days to hours and hours to minutes.

You might find it hard to get your hands on all these supplements but they can be found within a GOshot bottle, the simplest and most convenient way to get your mental Focus, Clarity and Memory boost that last up to 6 hours!

But if a GOshot bottle is not for you, you can find other alternatives below.
Here is the breakdown for the type of mental performance you need.

Focus – Caffeine, Chicken Essences however most people try to get their focus through the consumption of coffee to help stay awake and alert so they can continue studying.

Clarity – Consumption of Tyrosine or Vitamin B5 or alternatively you can eat fruits like blueberries, bananas and strawberries to help with Clarity.

Memory – Omega 3, fish oil, acetyl-L-carnitine or eating more salmon or sushi would help.

Remember, good results don’t come just by consuming nootropics. However, consuming such nootropics helps you win half the battle and the rest is up to you to study for it. Now go ACE those exams!

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