You have just attended your last lecture and the singing of the bell signals you that exam study break is now in full swing. For once in a long while, the library is more crowded than the shopping Malls you usually chill at and the study corner’s are homes to a myriad of different species of students, some of which you have never seen before. Here are some of the different types of ‘muggers’ you’ll see during exam week…

First we have the rare and hardly seen (can’t be seen) hermits. These are the ones that suddenly disappear from school and from your life as if its some sort of conspiracy. All forms of contact or communication appears to be useless and the last thing you ever saw them do was board the bus home. “Hermits’” behaviour tend to be rather contradicting, as they are most often the ones seen in almost every lesson, but when exam season draws near, their migrating patterns change and are no where to be found, taking whatever knowledge they have harvested along with them.

These make another majority of students. The Care-free ones are those who seem to be the least affected by the impending doom which is their exams. They can be seen just doing about exactly what they were doing even before study break, playing games and hanging out at their favourite arcade, usually nothing related to school. These are the ones who have managed to find peace and perfect harmony between their happy thoughts and the chaos that comes with exams.

The majority of muggers. The Horde can be found in almost every library and study corner. These students are content with studying by themselves, usually plugged into their earphones blasting music into their ears which are way too loud that neighbouring students can pick up every word from the song. Good news is, “The Horde” are mostly passive in nature, choosing only to become active upon confrontation.

Just when you thought that soap operas were emotional enough, these students put Korean dramas to shame. Not only do they seem to whine on just about every subject, they make you think twice about it too. At first glance they appear to be just like “The Horde” but upon asking them how their studies went, they pounce onto the opportunity and won’t stop bitching about how everybody has left them for dead.

These are the active ones, they roam around the campus minding their own business and sometimes appear to be studying. But do not let their looks fool you, once they taste the smell of blood, they will pounce on you like an animal. The Buddy are the ones who wont leave you alone when they know that your knowledge surpasses theirs. They will probe you with questions in hopes that you will tell them exactly will be tested and the chapters that they need to study in order to pass. More often than not, they will score well and you on the other hand, will stand a higher chance of failure due to the time spent giving them tuition.

The reason why these bunch of students are called the “Radicals” is because they seem to be doing everything and anything that has the potential to bring their grades up, anything that has nothing to with studying. These people are usually found worshipping the Bell Curve God or concocting some new potion to improve their chances of acing the papers. More often than not, they are kind people and won’t hesitate to share their faith or secret potion with you.

A truly rare species, these students have mastered the art of studying without even studying. They seem to have a gift to be able to understand 100% of what the lecturer said and don’t turn up for classes but yet get high grades without even trying. Many other students tend to dislike them due to the fact that they are simply overpowered. If you manage to make friends with one of these “geniuses”, congratulations, you struck gold. 

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