3 Lifestyle Tricks to Super Boost Your Memory

Ever met someone important in a business meeting just to forget their names within the hour? Or studied so hard for an exam just to blank-out sitting in front of the papers? Or even swore to remember to bring the car keys just to realize the next minute that you left them on the dressing table? Memory loss affects us all, it is commonly believed that the reason behind forgetfulness is the aging and degradation of brain cells in the hippocampus. However, modern science has proven that lifestyle plays a more significant part of keeping our memory healthy. Forget medical procedures or expensive prescriptions, here are 3 simple everyday tricks that can restore your brain to its former glory.

 GOshot Food


You are what you eat. Obviously what we take in has a direct correlation to the health of our body…and mind and the even more obvious applies, keep away from unhealthy levels of sugars and carbohydrates while taking in more fresh vegetables and antioxidants. Omega-rich foods such as fish and krill provide a good source for omega-3 fats. Also, krill contains astaxanthin which ensures that the omega-3 consumed does not oxidize as fast and is beneficial to mental health. Another contributor to a healthy mind is Vitamin B which can also be found in most fishes and dark leafy vegetables. These neuro-vitamins specializes in the prevention of cognitive decline and helps reduce the onset of dementia and are getting commonly available on shelves in the form of pills or supplements.

 GOshot Sleep


This is not an excuse to sleep-in during work days. Research indicates that adequate sleep can result in an increase of productivity by almost 30%. It is during your sleep that memories are properly sorted and registered in the brain and can improve the way you handle challenging problems, neural connections are also strengthened during sleep which help improve response times for memory recollection. The lack of sleep or sleep deprivation causes an alteration in the way you control behavior, learning and memory.

 GOshot - Exercise


You know you can’t RUN from it. Exercise, being the most staple of health improvement activities, is also key in maintaining a healthy mind. During exercise a protein known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor triggers chemicals that promote neural health as well as enhances one’s ability to learn. This is apparent when scientists put monkeys to the test, monkeys who carried out regular exercise are shown to fulfil tasks twice as fast as monkeys who do not exercise. Another research shows that people who engage in exercise have their limbic system (the part of the brain that controls memory) grow by an average of about 1-2% per year, whereas the LACK of exercise resulted in a DECREASE in the size of the brain.


These 3 methods are just the tip of the ice berg. Although the advancement of modern medicine has made maximizing the human mental potential easier and easier, these basic lifestyle habits are fundamental in keeping you and your brain in the pink of health.

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